What I’m Doing Now

I’m currently working remotely with my husband at the same jobs we did in-office in The Before Times. We’re very grateful to work in industries and crafts that allow us this flexibility, and where we can still have a positive impact. We’re both healthy and doing well, and our dog Jacob is absolutely tired of our bullshit now that we’re home 24/7.

I recently sold the personal finance blog I started, Half Banked, to the amazing team at Wise Publishing

My current commitments are:

  • Delivering high impact work at Shopify. I am beyond lucky to have a job I love doing what I consider my life’s work. I’m organizing my days and my energy to make sure that this is the priority that doesn’t slip.
  • Expanding my breadth of knowledge on product. I’m digging into a reading list from A Book Apart, articles about product management, and taking on small side projects to help better understand and work with my product teams.
  • Working through Farnam Street's course on decision-making. It's a 12-week course that covers how to make better decisions, and I'm committed to investing time every week to get the most out of the material.

I’m open to:

  • One on one calls with other product marketers, or those who want to transition into the role. I come to PMM from a writing and marketing background, if that’s helpful context, and I work on a larger team of PMMs. Would love to compare notes! Drop me a line at my work email (first.last at or on Twitter.

I’m choosing not to prioritize:

  • Taking on freelance work with new clients. Weirdly, people keep impersonating me on freelancer-for-hire sites, so if you’re trying to hire me from a job board, please know that it’s not me—and that I’m unavailable for hire.
This is a Now Page. What's that?