What I’m Doing Now

I'm on parental leave until Fall 2022 and loving every minute of it. Our little bean is happy and healthy and a delightful addition to our quaran-team. 

In 2020, I sold the personal finance blog I started, Half Banked, to the amazing team at Wise Publishing. If you're looking to find the proprietor, that's no longer me!

My current commitments are:

  • Onboarding a human being to planet earth. Truth be told, it's a wild time to be doing it, but it's also been the greatest joy.

I’m open to:

  • Connecting with other product marketers asynchronously! I will admit my availability for real-time calls is pretty limited, but I'm often around virtually. Drop me a line at my personal email (first.last at or on Twitter.

I’m choosing not to prioritize:

  • Taking on freelance work with new clients. Weirdly, people keep impersonating me on freelancer-for-hire sites, so if you’re trying to hire me from a job board, please know that it’s not me—and that I’m unavailable for hire.
This is a Now Page. What's that?